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Made a video


Thanks for playing!

El juego me pareció genial y muy terrorífico solo tengo una pregunta para dormir tranquilo luego de jugarlo a las 10 de la noche.  El primer soldado que nos encontramos cuando levita grita el o el protagonista? y si solo es una criatura o mas.  El juego esta 10/10

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Thanks for playing! The creature is a demon so he can appear out of no where, possess others and all that good stuff :)

i got scared by a fruit snack monster

but yes good game

I am glad u enjoyed it!

lol some how i didn't notice that is was inspired by the crypt terror 

now you know!

for a game that was inspired this was amazing it earned a spot in my series this is the second game that has actually made me jump and scared me everything about this game is perfect I recommend it to anyone who likes horror I played your game first keep up the good work I would love to see more work from you 

I am glad u enjoyed it!

This was a great inspired game! I loved the look and design of the NPC's and the creature! Love the overwhelming tension that was put in, and the nice twist of a loop! All in all, fantastic game! 


Thanks for the nice words!

No problem!!

I had a lot of fun with this! Great job :)


I am glad u did!

heck yeah cool game similar to crypt terror with its own twist! I Liked it :D 


Thanks for playing!

Fantastic game. You did a great job recreating the vibe from the crypt terror 

I tried to match it, I am glad u enjoyed it!

Very creepy game. Great job!

I am glad u liked it!

i enjoyed this game a lot! It was scary and it was entertaining the whole time! I thought it would be too much like The Crypt Terror but it had its own aspects and I loved it!

I am glad u liked it!


What an awesome experience especially since this is your first horror game!

Although extremely similar to The Crypt Terror, you did a couple things very different and with your own flavor! Those couple of things really made the game shine and I'd encourage you to keep fleshing out those ideas because you do have a knack for creating good horror. My only complaints of the game is because its very very similar to Crypt Terror, I feel like I had played it before. It was still a great experience and I LOVED your spin on the game! 

Keep grindin and refining your craft man, I really do think you have a bright future in game making/development 

Much Love 

Stay Safe and Stay Positive 


Thanks for the nice words brother, I will try to continue making even better games even tho the next one will be delayed since school is starting soon..

Earned a follow from me, I'll be patiently waiting for the next project :) Don't hesitate to reach out to me on youtube or twitter either. Thanks for the kind words as well on the youtube channel, really means a lot!! 

really nice and well made small game! was super creepy!

Thanks for playing!

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The game is amazing game not gonna lie.I wish you very good luck and as a first horror game taking inspiration is completly normal,after you get into game dev,u should create ur own story.So everyone will be surprised.Anyway an great game to start horror game career. Do you have discord?

I am glad you enjoyed it! I do Viksy#6699

honestly i didn't think the crypt terror could get better but the way you incorporated the PT vibe was absolutely genius this game was unreal! my only feed back i could give is change up the ending, if you have played the crypt terror then you know what's going to happen i would of preferred you change it up shock the player, other than that this was fantastic! gameplay above hope you enjoy 

Glad u enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback

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Thanks for playing!

For your first horror game this was amazing man i can definitely see the inspiration from the crypt terror. Keep up the good work ill be sure to play more of your games when it comes out!!

I also made a video on your game come check it out!!

Viksy Productions

The next one shall be even better :)

its soooo good! :D

I am glad u liked it!

Funny little indie horror, a couple of jumpscares caught me off guard! 

This being your first game, I am impressed. I really enjoyed it alot. If interested, check out my humorous gameplay. 

I appreciate it brother

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The ending was nice, and some part were creepy. Pretty good for the first horror game! 

Glad u liked it!

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This was pretty good, definitely felt like I was replaying The Crypt Terror at certain moments, you definitely nailed it. There is a bug though to where I got stuck at the part where you pick up the key at the dead body, I got stuck in some invisible wall softlocking the game. Apart from that, pretty good. Made a video on it. Bug is in the video


I will see what I can do about it, thanks for playing!

I love the starting scene with the priests - it sets the tone quite nicely.

Also, the short field of vision makes the game so much scarier.

Nice work!

I am glad you enjoyed it!!


okay tbh this surely one of the scarest game i have ever played and really i liked it so much.

it was too late before i know it -The Descent - YouTube

thx for playing

I did a playthrough, game was scary as hell! I did however manage to glitch the ending the first time around so I just fell out of the map lol.

I appreciate the feedback and also you aren't supposed to be able to sprint, just fixed everything. Thanks for playing!

amazing first horror game that you made. i was really spooked out. i enjoyed everything about the game. i would like to see more horror and other games your making. 

I am glad you liked it. I just noticed a little mistake on my side, that sprint function wasn't supposed to be in the final product, thanks to your video I saw it.WIll fix it real quick.


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